Under The Sea Biscuits


Dive into decorating with these Under the Sea Biscuits, perfect if you and the kids are feeling inspired after last night’s Junior Bake Off! Just grab Choco Writers, Glitter Spray, and icing, and let the kids get creative. We’ve also got a free downloadable stencil which makes it even easier!

Here’s How:

Bake (or buy) your favourite biscuits

For adult hands… melt the Choco Writer tube in a glass of boiling water, snip the nozzle then you’re ready to drizzle and design!

Squeeze your Choco Writer onto greaseproof paper and trace the stencil (or go freestyle!)

While the toppers are setting, top your biscuits with icing and cover with glitter

When set, spray the toppers with glitter and carefully remove from the greaseproof paper, popping them on top of your biscuits

Find Choco Writers and Glitter Spray in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and The Range!

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