Surprise Rainbow Cupcakes


It’s Junior Bake Off Day! Will your little ones be watching this evening? If you’re feeling inspired, here’s an easy take on a rainbow cake – perfect for the kids to create their own showstoppers! To make our surprise rainbow cupcakes, grab our Rainbow Cake Colours kit from your local supermarket and get baking, easy peasy decoreasy!

Here’s How:
1. Make your cake batter as usual, following your favourite recipe (or buy a cake mix if you prefer!)
2. Split the mixture between 5 bowls and add a full tube to each. Mix thoroughly!
3. Get the kids to add a spoon of each mixture into the cupcake cases (one on top of each other if they want a rainbow effect, or just go mad for a marble effect!), then bake until well risen
4. Meanwhile, colour up buttercream or frosting using the kit
5. Once cooled, let the kids get creative with their rainbow toppings!

The Rainbow Cake Colours kit can be found in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and The Range!

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