Brighten Your Bakes With Rainbow Cake Colours!

Rainbows have been a sign of love and hope during these uncertain times, for kids and adults alike! We’ve seen them appearing in windows across the nation, bringing happiness and colour in a time of need. Now, we want you to help us bring colour to your baking!

Give someone you love a vibrant rainbow bake to brighten up their day.  Bake a layered rainbow cake for a special occasion, or bake vibrant cupcakes for fun at the weekend! Check out some of our Rainbow Cake Colours ideas below to give you inspiration, and remember to #ShareYourRainbow!

Vibrant Rainbow Cake

Here’s How

-Make your cake batter as usual, following your favourite recipe

-Split the mixture evenly between five bowls and add a full tube to each bowl. Make sure to mix thoroughly!

-Pour each coloured mixture into a sandwich tin and bake until firm to touch

-Smooth a thin layer of buttercream between each cake layer to sandwich together

-Smooth a layer of buttercream over the top and sides of the rainbow cake. You can leave the cake smooth, or add texture or pattern with a small spatula

-Now, cut into your cake to reveal the vibrant rainbow colours, enjoy 🌈

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Vibrant Rainbow Cupcakes

Here’s How

-Make your cake batter as usual and split in to 5 bowls

-Add 2/3 of each colour gel into each bowl

-Now, split the batter into your cupcake cases

-Lastly, bake your cupcakes and leave to cool!

If you want to really make your cupcakes POP, make some rainbow frosting too! Follow our easy recipe below…

-Make your favourite buttercream recipe and split into 5 bowls

-Add the remaining colour gel to each bowl

-Now, add the coloured buttercream to a piping bag with a decorating nozzle

-Use the bag to pipe large buttercream swirls on each cupcakes

-Now, enjoy! Cover your cupcakes in anything you like, we’ve chosen hundreds & thousands

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We hope you and the kids enjoy using our fun decorating ideas. Remember to share and tag us in your rainbow bakes and use the hashtag #ShareTheRainbow , we would love to see what you make ✨

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