Polka Dot Cupcakes with Choco Writers



These polka dot cupcakes are so fun to look at and incredibly easy to make! Choco Writers make decorating cakes so quick and easy – simply melt the chocolate and then write, swirl, draw and drizzle onto your cakes and bakes!

We can’t decide if the cupcakes look like they’re Minnie Mouse inspired or more like mushrooms – we’ll let you decide that one!


You will need:

Cake Décor Choco Writer in White Chocolate

Ready to Roll icing

A batch of scrummy cupcakes that have just been baked

A round cookie cutter the same size as your cupcakes





Thinly roll out the icing and use the round cookie cutters to create your round fondant cake toppers. Make sure these cutters are the same size as your cupcakes!

Place the white Choco Writer in a measuring jug or large glass of boiling water, and leave to melt for 2 to 3 minutes. Once the Choco Writer has softened, carefully lift it out of the water, unscrew the cap and snip off the tip of the nozzle with scissors. It is now ready to use!

Use the Choco Writer to create a polka dot pattern on your round iced toppers and leave to set for a few minutes

Fix the iced toppers to your cupcakes using a little bit of the white Choco Writer and leave to dry for a few minutes

Voilà, your polka dot cupcakes are ready to be enjoyed!


Choco Writers are available in Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Lakeland.

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