Glimmering Bow Cupcakes with Cake Lace Kit



We love how pretty and delicate these frosted bow cupcakes look! Making beautiful bow cupcakes like these couldn’t be easier thanks to the Cake Décor Cake Lace Kit! Make sure you look out for our wonderful kit in your nearest Sainbury’s or Morrisons store.

We decided to finish the cupcakes off with a sprinkling of gold glimmer sugar to really make them sparkle!


What you will need:

Cake Décor Cake Lace Kit

Buttercream frosting (we chose white and pastel pink for our cupcakes)

Gold Glimmer Sugar

Piping bags

Pallet knife

A batch of freshly baked cupcakes





Preheat your oven to 80-90°C

Spread the Cake Lace mix evenly onto the silicone mat with a pallet knife and concentrate on the 2 bow moulds in the centre of the mat. You can fill all the shapes if you want to make a selection of cake lace decorations!

Remove any excess mix by lightly scraping the silicone mat with your knife. Return any unused mix to the pot for future use

Place the silicone mat in your preheated oven and leave to bake for approximately 12-14 minutes

While the cake lace is baking, pop your buttercream frostings into piping bags and create a swirl design on top of your cupcakes

Remove the Cake Lace mat from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes

Gently peel the dried Cake Lace from the mat and place on top of your frosted cupcakes

Finish off the bow cupcakes with a sprinkling of gold glimmer sugar

All that’s left to do is to enjoy your beautiful bow cupcakes!


The Cake Lace Kit is now available to purchase at selected Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores.

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