Crazy Face Cupcakes


Finding ways to keep the kids busy when you need to stay at home can be challenging… but we are here to help! Check out our fun Crazy Face Cupcakes, a great way to pass a couple of hours while baking some delicious treats too. Keep little minds busy and decorate them anyway you please with our Crazy Faces and Edible Eyes. Place them on to make fun characters or chuck them in any random place!

Here’s how:

Simply bake (or buy) your favourite cupcakes

Colour some frosting with our bright Colour Gels and pipe/ spread onto your cupcakes

Now… the fun part!

Let the kids go crazy with Crazy Faces and Edible Eyes while decorating their cupcakes. You could even host a competition to see who can make the Craziest Cupcake!


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Available at your local supermarket

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