Edible Glue… The new product on the market!


Cake Decor Edible Glue, is the new product on the market and the first of its kind to hit the supermarket shelves!
After you try it, Edible Glue will become an essential in your baking cupboard.


You may be wondering.. what IS Edible Glue?


Well, it has been created to make decorating your bakes so easy!
All you have to do is squeeze a small amount onto your decoration before applying to your bake. Hold the decoration onto your bake before releasing to ensure that it’s secure.

Edible Glue is handy in size, making it easy to glue down even the smallest of items..
The formula has been created to be amazingly strong, meaning you don’t need to worry about it shifting!
Another great thing about Edible Glue is the fact that its transparent- you don’t have to worry about any over spill because it will dry in clear.

Edible Glue is ideal for sticking sugar, wafer and chocolate decorations to cakes and biscuits.
It’s also great for making sugar flowers and models!!


Use Cake Decor Edible Glue for your next creation!
Available in Asda and Morrisons!