Rice Krispie Christmas Trees

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees

Nothing screams Christmas more than a Christmas tree, these fun Rice Krispie treats are the ideal bake to make with the whole family and they taste tree-licious.

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees
Here’s What You’ll Need

200g Rice Krispies

45g Unsalted butter

300g Cake Décor Mini Marshmallows

Cake Décor Green colour gel

Cake Décor Writing Icing

Cake Décor Christmas Sprinkles

Here's What You'll Do:
  1. Melt butter in a large saucepan over a low heat.
  2. Add in marshmallows and stir continuously until melted.
  3. Remove from heat and stir in your green colour gel.
  4. Add the Rice Krispies and continue to stir until all are well coated.
  5. Leave mixture to cool for a few minutes then section it to form tennis ball sized pieces. Roll these in your hand then on a piece of greaseproof paper to form a Christmas tree shape.  Do not be too gentle with the trees, it helps them hold their shape if you squash the mixture together as firmly as possible.

(Tip – rubbing a little vegetable baking fat (i.e. Trex) onto your hands before rolling your trees will help to stop the mixture from sticking to your hands.)

  1. Leave the shaped trees in the fridge while cleaning up to help them set.
  2. After 10-15 minutes remove from fridge and allow them to come back to room temperature before decorating.
  3. Using a yellow writing icing tube, swirl a line around the tree to give the appearance of tinsel.
  4. Top your tree with a star from our Red Christmas Sprinkle 4cell pack and add any other sprinkles over the tree as baubles. The red holly berries and snowflakes are most effective.  (Add a little extra writing ice to the sprinkle before sticking if you are not placing it directly on of your writing icing ‘tinsel’.)

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