Elf Spaghetti

Elf Spaghetti Recipe - Pancake spaghetti

Who doesn’t love the film, Elf? Here at Cake Décor, we certainly.

That’s why we had to come up with our own special recipe for his iconic spaghetti dish because after all an elf tries to stick to all main food groups candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup!

Elf Spaghetti Recipe - Pancake spaghetti
Here’s What You’ll Need

150ml milk

1 egg

75g plain flour

Cake Décor Mini marshmallows

Cake Décor 4 cell Christmas Sprinkles

And anything else sweet you would like to throw on, there are no rule here!

Here's What You'll Do:
  1. Add plain flour to a large jug (c. 1 litre sized), crack in 1 egg and mix.
  2. Gradually add in milk to flour and egg mixture, mix until smooth.
  3. Grease a frying pan if not nonstick, place on a low heat. (If using an electric griddle, preheat to low.)
  4. Pour pancake mixture into pan in thin strips. It helps to keep the lines thin and straight if you pour from the bottom of the pan upwards.
  5. Cook for 2 minutes and gently flip (if your first pancake strip is not golden cook for a little longer or increase the heat slightly.)
  6. Cook on the reverse side of the pancake strip for another minute then move onto a clean, dry tea towel and repeat.

(Top tip, placing the pancake onto a folded tea towel and covering over helps to keep your pancake strips soft and warmer for longer.)

  1. Once all strips are cooked, pile on a plate and drizzle with golden syrup.
  2. Decorate with lots of mini marshmallows and Christmas Sprinkles.

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