Rice Krispie Hearts

Share the love with these super easy Rice Krispie Hearts this Valentine’s Day. Grab yourself some Choco Writers and your favourite Valentine’s Sprinkles to decorate these delicious treats. Whoever you share them with will be joyously surp-rice-d ❤️ 

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make 10:

100g Rice Krispies

50g Butter

180g Mini Marshmallows

Cake Décor Milk Choco Writer

Cake Décor White Choco Writer

Cake Décor Valentine’s Sprinkles

Here's What You'll Do:

  1. Place your Butter in a large saucepan and melt it on low heat. Add in your Marshmallows and stir them thoroughly until they’re completely melted. Remove the mixture from heat.
  2. Take your Rice Krispies and add them with the melted Marshmallows. Mix everything together until combined. Leave everything to cool for a few minutes. While it’s cooling, take a medium sized pan and coat it with some cooking spray.
  3. Once the Rice Krispie mixture has cooled a bit, transfer it to the greased pan and, using a buttered spatula or wax paper, press the mixture into the pan so it’s evenly distributed. 
  4. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut the Rice Krispie Treats and set them aside. (Pro Tip: if you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can always use a butter knife and cut them by hand!). 
  5. Prepare your both Choco Melt according to the pack.
  6. Once your Rice Krispie Pudding balls have hardened, squeeze the White Choco Writer over each half of half of your treats (if you’re making 10 treats, then cover 5 of them). Use your Milk Choco Writer to cover the halves of the other Rice Krispie treats.
  7. Finally, before the chocolate hardens, decorate your treats using your Valentine’s sprinkles and you’re done!

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