Monster Scones

Turn your favourite British tea time treat into a spooky Halloween dessert! What’s even better is that you can skip straight to the fun decorating part by purchasing a a pack of your favourite scones instead of baking them from scratch, and decorating them to turn a regular scone into a Monster Scone! Whilst we filled our Halloween treat with delicious Vanilla Buttercream, you can always go with the traditional clotted cream and jam filling instead, whatever your sweet tooth desires!

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Here's What You'll Need 6 Monster Scones:

6 Scones from your local supermarket 

400g Buttercream OR Clotted Cream & Raspberry Jam

Pack of White Mini Marshmallows

Cake Décor Red Writing Icing

12 Cake Décor Edible Eyes

Cake Décor Milk Choco Writer

12 Cadbury Milk Chocolate Buttons

12 Chocolate Biscuit Sticks

Here's How:

  1. Let’s do some preparations before we assemble our monster. Take your Milk Choco Writer and put it in a cup or bowl of hot water and put aside to melt. Take your mini marshmallows and, one by one, but them in half (although they’re mini already, we still want them a bit smaller so they look like teeth once placed).
  2. Once the Milk Choco Writer has melted, take the chocolate biscuit sticks and, using the melted Choco Writer as glue, stick a chocolate button onto the end of each chocolate biscuit stick, making sure they stick perfectly. Then, using the same Milk Choco Writer method, squeeze a small dot in the centre of each placed chocolate button and carefully place an Edible Eye on each of the chocolate stick button. Once you’ve placed them all, pop these chocolate sticks in the fridge to chill.
  3. Take your scones and cut each of them in half. Spread your choice of filling (about two tablespoons on the bottom and one tablespoon on the lid) and place them on top of each other, gently pushing them together so small amounts of cream comes out the sides (Pro tip: if you used clotted cream and raspberry jam, the jam will create the perfect ‘bloody’ effect when it’s running). 
  4. Take your mini marshmallow halves and gently stick them on the sides of the scone on the cream, placing them in two rows so it resembles teeth. 
  5. Now it’s time to bring your Scone Monsters to life! Take your chocolate stick eyes out the fridge and gently insert two sticks into the scones (Be gentle, we don’t want the filling to start running out). Finally, take the Red Writing Icing and squeeze the icing around the teeth of each of your scone monsters to create the ‘bloody’ effect, and your monster is alive!

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