Flower Biscuits

Here’s what you’ll need to make 12 delicious biscuits:

Fun tip: you can easily skip straight to the fun part by either buying a pack of biscuit mix, or even buy a pack of your favourite plain ready-made biscuits from your local supermarket!

  • 100g unsalted butter, softened
  • 100g white caster sugar
  • 1 medium egg
  • 200g plain white flour, plus extra for dusting
  • Cake Décor coloured writing icing
  • White sugar paste

Here’s what you do:

  1. Put the butter and the caster sugar in a large mixing bowl and whisk well (an electric whisk can come in handy if you have one) until you just get a creamy texture. Be careful overdoing it and making it too creamy – biscuits are delicate and will spread if the batter is too runny.
  2. Beat in the egg into the mixture until it’s well combined. Sift in the flour mix it in carefully (on slow speed if you’re using your electric whisk) until beautiful dough takes shape. Mould it into a ball, wrap it in sling film and let it chill for about 1 hour.
  3. Time to bake the goodies! Preheat your oven to 190°C/ fan 170°C. Whilst it’s heating up, lightly flour a clean surface and knead your dough on the flour. Roll out your dough till it’s about 5/6mm thick and cut, by hand or cookie cutters, your desired shapes. Carefully move your shapes into a baking tray lined with baking parchment, place in the oven and bake for 12-14 minutes or until they’re golden brown (the baking time depends on the thickness and size of your biscuits, so watch them like a hawk). When they’re ready, remove them from the oven and place them on a wired rack to cool.
  4. Now the fun part! Once your biscuits have completely cooled, take the same cookie cutters (or by hand) and cut the same biscuit shapes from the White sugar paste. Place them on top of the biscuit to create a beautiful white icing surface on top of the biscuit which will be your canvas. Now that you have your canvas, take your favourite Coloured Writing Icing and draw anything you possibly want. It’s so easy.

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