Magical Unicorn Bakes 🦄✨

It’s time to transform your bakes and sprinkle and little magic where possible! We have a number of amazing products that will bring your bakes alive and out a smile on any ones face who has a love for the mystical unicorn!

Take a look below for some of our best ideas…

Unicorn biscuits


Charm your little ones with these cute Unicorn Sprinkles that will transform your baking into something magical!

You don’t have to use them just on biscuits they are also an amazing topper on cupcakes, cake and more to make enchanting themed bakes.

Bake your cookies in what ever shape you wish, cool, add icing and the add your sprinkles! Make sure you stock up on our Edible Glue to ensure none of those sprinkles budge.


Doesn’t everyone love a pancake? Transform your pancakes into a delicious Unicorn Stack with Unicorn Frosting! 

Use shop-bought pancakes or bake up your own batch (no one will know the difference).

Swirl as much Unicorn Frosting as you like to create delicious peaks of frosting.

Enjoy as a snack or an after dinner dessert.


So you have got the cupcake and frosting down why not go all out with our amazing Decorate A Unicorn Kit.

Our Kit has everything you need to create 6 unicorn inspired cupcakes! Including; 6 lollipop unicorn horns, animated unicorn eyes and ears.

Simply make a cupcake mix, scoop into your unicorn cupcake cases, bake and then DECORATE!



We all love a giggle and these quick, pretty, sweet treats will have your little ones laughing away. 

Make up some meringue, add some of our colour gels, pipe and bake and do not forget to add that extra Unicorn Magic with our Pink Glitter Spray!


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