Transform Your Christmas Bakes With Gold Glitter Spray

Add a touch of magic and sparkle to your Christmas with our Gold Glitter Spray ✨ 2020 has been a hard year for us all, but lets make sure we are going out in style! Whether you’re a baking novice or a baking pro, Cake Decor Gold Glitter Spray is your secret weapon to the perfect treats. Each bottle contains 900 sprays of glitter (yes, we actually tested this!), so you have plenty to try it on everything. Spray it on your cupcakes, biscuits, hot chocolate and anything else you can think of! Keep reading for more ways to use our Gold Glitter Spray.

Holly Cupcakes
Want to make Holly Cupcakes just like ours?

All you need is our Gold Glitter Spray and a White Choco Writer.
Bake your cupcakes then spray them with our amazing Gold Edible Glitter Spray.
For the holly, create the design using our Choco Writer on some grease-proof paper. Once it’s hardened, just pop it on the top of your cupcake.
Simple and super fun.

Shimmer Christmas Cake
Bake your very own Christmas Showstopper for the big day!

Something this gorgeous has to take centre stage on your table, right? Cover your soft sponge in sugarpaste and decorate in anyway you please. We suggest using our White Choco Writer to create a dripping effect on the top of your cake, it will also add amazing flavour and texture to your bake! Also, cover your creation in Gold Glitter Spray for the ultimate Christmas Showstopper 😍✨

Sparkling Hot Chocolate Bomb
Looking for your next baking challenge?

Why not try and make your very own Hot Chocolate Bombs! Fill your bombs with cocoa powder and marshmallows, then lavishly cover with Gold Glitter Spray. The more glitter, the better! When you pour hot milk over your Chocolate Bombs, a swirl of glitter will be released making your drink extra magical and fancy ✨

Gold Glitter Spray is available now in Tesco and Asda ✨

White Choco Writer is available now in Tesco Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose