Get creative this Pancake Day!

Brighten your bakes this Summer with our vibrant Rainbow Cake Colours! Each pack contains 5 bright colours that are perfect for transforming your sponge and frosting, an exciting surprise in every slice 🌈

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Rainbow Layer Cake

Here’s How

-Make your cake batter as usual, following your favourite recipe

-Split the mixture evenly between five bowls and add a full tube to each bowl. Make sure to mix thoroughly!

-Pour each coloured mixture into a sandwich tin and bake until firm to touch

-Smooth a thin layer of buttercream between each cake layer to sandwich together

-Smooth a layer of buttercream over the top and sides of the rainbow cake. You can leave the cake smooth, or add texture or pattern with a small spatula

-Now, cut into your cake to reveal the vibrant rainbow colours, enjoy 🌈

Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes

Here’s How

-Bake a batch of your favourite vanilla or chocolate cupcakes (we’ve used vanilla!) and separate equally into individual cupcake cases

-Put your cupcakes into a preheated oven and while they are baking, begin to prepare your buttercream frosting

-Whip up some delicious buttercream frosting and separate into 5 individual bowls. To each bowl, add a full tube of the Rainbow Cake Colour (be sure to keep them separated so the colours don’t mix)

-Place each colour of frosting into individual piping bags and pipe them all in lines onto a sheet of cling film. Make sure the frosting is piped closely together.

-Roll your cling film into a sausage shape and put inside a piping bag with a decorating nozzle attached

-When your cupcakes have cooled, pipe large swirls of frosting onto your cupcakes!


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