Entertain the kids during lockdown with these TOP TIPS!

Running out of things to do this lockdown? Going out for walks just not cutting it? Why not turn your hand to baking! We’ve got lots of fun ideas that are perfect for the baking novice and the kids ✨ Check our our new Slime and Movie Night Cupcake Kits

Our Cupcake Kits come with everything you need to make the most Instagramable cupcakes ever! Let the kids bake independently with our easy to follow recipe on every box- it’s fun for the whole family! Read on to find out fun ways to entertain the kids during lockdown, how to use our cupcake kits and where you can buy them.

Host your own “at home Movie Night!”

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into the cinema to see a new movie and eating the entirety of your popcorn before it even starts! With the cinemas being closed for the foreseeable, we have the perfect way to make up for lost time with your family! Why not host your very own at-home movie night from the comfort of your living room?

We’ve narrowed down the most important things you’ll need to remember for your movie night-

1. Transform your living room into a cosy den

This means lots and lots of blankets, cushions and maybe even a den. Make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed before you pop on your movie. If you don’t have enough room for everyone on the sofa, don’t panic! Fill the floor with duvets, cushions and blankets- everyone loves a den!

2. Choose the right snacks!

One of the best things about going to the cinema is the snacks, so this part is crucial in the success of your movie night! But don’t worry- we have the perfect solution. Our Movie Night Cupcake Kit is not only fun and easy to make, it’s absolutely delicious too! Bake a batch of these themed cupcakes for the ultimate movie night snack. Whether you’re baking them or just eating them, they are a movie night must-have.

3 Drinks, at the ready!

Whether you prefer a cold drink or something hot, choosing your drinks is an important part to any movie night. Do you remember going to the cinema and getting a hugeee juice or a Tango Ice Blast? It’s all part of the fun. Be sure to buy in your favourite dilution juice, fizzy juice or hot chocolate! If you’re having hot chocolate, don’t forget the marshmallows ✨

Our Movie Night Cupcake Kit is available in your local Tesco and Asda.

Bake something delicious!

Spending time indoors doesn’t have to be boring, bring fun into the kitchen with our new Slime Cupcake Kit. Our cupcake kits are the perfect activity to pass the time (with the added bonus of a sweet treat at the end).

We all know that our kids love slime, but it can be messy! Our Slime Cupcake Kit comes with Edible Green Slime that the kids can pop directly onto their cupcakes- which means less mess for mum 💚 Our Slime Cupcake Kit has super easy instructions to follow, so the kids can do this one on their own.

Our Slime Cupcake Kit is available in Tesco and Morrisons


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