Cake Décor Galaxy Cupcake Kit

Baking with the kids is a great way for you to bond and spend quality time together. Teach them the basic skills they need to bake independently with our amazing cupcake kits! Our NEW Galaxy Cupcake Kit has everything you need to bake 6 out of this world cupcakes.

Each kit contains cupcake mix, raspberry flavoured frosting, glitter blue space gel, intergalactic sprinkles and 6 purple foil cupcake cases. Everything you need to make these Instagrammable cupcakes ✨ Be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us in all of your bakes @mycakedecor. We host weekly competitions and post inspiring baking ideas for your kids, we’ll see you soon 🚀

You can find our NEW Galaxy Cupcake Kit in Asda NOW!


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