NEW Cupcake Kits, On Promotion NOW in Asda!


Looking for something fun to do with the kids at the weekend? Running out of baking ideas? Then why not try something from our range of new Cupcake Kits! They’re fun, easy to use and most of all they’re delicious. 

Our Movie Night Cupcake Kit is the perfect addition to any at-home movie night. Each kit bakes 6 delicious cupcakes that are topped with creamy frosting, crunchy popcorn and salted-caramel drizzle…now that sounds delicious ✨

If you’re looking for something a little different, then take your kids to another world with our Galaxy Cupcake Kit! Each kit bakes 6 dazzling cupcakes that are topped with raspberry flavoured frosting, edible blue glitter space gel and intergalactic sprinkles, a very cool Cupcake Kit indeed.

Lastly, Our Monster Cupcake Kit is perfect for the kids (or if you want to channel your inner kid!). It’s fun, it’s delicious and the instructions are so easy to follow. Each kit bakes 6 monster themed cupcakes with orange frosting, orange glimmer sugar and googly edible eyes!

If you head to your local   you will find our Movie Night, Galaxy and Monster Cupcake Kits on promotion! You get all the fun for a fraction of the price 😆 Keep reading below if you want to find out more about our Cupcake Kits 👇

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