NEW Cake Décor Writing Icings!


Our new Cake Décor Coloured Writing Icings are a great way to add a little creative flair to your baking. Available exclusively in Tesco, our best ever recipe dries to a matt finish and doesn’t run – perfect for personalising that special birthday cake. We know your little bakers love to get involved in the kitchen, so we’ve made sure our tubes are easy to squeeze (for little hands!) as well as containing no artificial colours or flavours (to keep Mum happy!).

What’s more, Cake Décor Coloured Writing Icings use 100% recyclable packaging, so please remember to clean and recycle your tubes once you’ve finished.  Good for bakers and the environment!

No-bake biscuit fun!

Baking doesn’t always have to be messy – kids will love decorating shop-bought biscuits with our Cake Décor Coloured Writing Icings!


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