Make it easy with our super simple range of Striped Frostings

Ever wondered how to make two tone frosting? With Cake Décor’s range of striped frostings you don’t need special equipment to make beautiful multi-coloured swirls on your cupcakes. There’s no messing around with piping bags, or piping tips – our tubes come with an attached star piping nozzle so you’re ready to go!

Top Tips

  • You may need to warm the tube in your hand first to soften the frosting
  • To create a perfect swirl, pipe from the outside in and in circular movements
  • Simply stop squeezing and lift up the tube away from the cake to create your tip – and cover any messy bits with sprinkles, it tastes so good nobody will care 😊
  • To get the most out of your tube, squeeze from the top and fold down the tube (like you would a tube of toothpaste!) to keep your swirls even as you go
  • One tube should create beautiful swirls for 6 cupcakes

Cake Décor Unicorn Frosting gives you delicious raspberry flavoured frosting, with pink and blue stripes straight from the tube. Ideal on cupcakes for a unicorn themed party, or to create a flowing mane on that special unicorn birthday cake. Top with Cake Décor Unicorn Stunning Sprinkles for the wow factor!

For an under the sea theme, our Mermaid Frosting will be the star of the underwater show. Magical blue and purple stripes, with natural raspberry flavour. Enhance your cakes even more with our Blue Glitter Spray – a shimmering finish fit for any mermaid queen!


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