The Great British Bake Off

With the Great British Bake Off nearing closer to its start date, we’ve decided to pull together some of our favourite bakes from past years shows!

Have a look at how we would put our own Cake Décor twist on them!

Prue Leith (GBO Star) created a Torta Setteveli cake topped with a gorgeous glaze and chocolate garnish. With Cake Decor this look can be easily replicated with professional results!

After baking your sponge, simple top with Cake Decor Chocolate Mirror Glaze for a high quality shine! As for the chocolate garnish, our Cake Decor Milk Choco Writer makes it easy to create different shapes and swirls! Just draw out your shape, let it harden and place on top of your bake

Paul Hollywood’s Devil’s Food Cake is the perfect, decadent treat. With chocolate frosting and chocolate bark to garnish, it is sickly sweet!

To create this look we suggest LOTS of frosting, messily spread round the whole of the cake. For the chocolate bark we would use our Cake Decor Milk Choco Writer, simple draw out pointed shapes of bark with your Choco Writer and leave to dry! You could even try using our Cake Decor White Choco Writer for a dramatic contrast.

And now for the finishing touch.. add a touch of glitter with our Cake Decor Glitter Sprays. For this look, use gold for a classy finish!

Here we have Flo’s ‘One in a Melon’ cake!

This quirky cake is an amazing replica of a Watermelon. With its green fondant icing and bright red sponge filling, its a fun summertime cake!

This cake is for someone who wants to turn their hand to something a bit more difficult. With the sponge being layered in a circular shape, bakers will need a steady hand! At least if you make any mistakes, you can cover it with fondant icing!

To create the watermelon skin simply purchase white fondant icing and mix with Cake Decor Green Colour Gel! To create the bright red of the watermelon, we suggest using our Cake Decor Red Colour Gel! They’re bake-stable and SUPER bright!

Prue Leith has made another treat that Cake Decor love.. Chocolate Mini Rolls!

Once you try the homemade version, you will never go back to shop-bought! After baking your basic chocolate sponge mixture, the hard part comes when you need to roll it..

But after this step, Cake Decor have made sure to make it easy! For this bake, we would suggest using our Cake Decor Chocolate Mirror Glaze to cover your Mini Roll. Simply heat and , so easy! Then for your chocolate garnish we would use our Cake Decor White Choco Writer. Heat and squeeeeeze in a zig zag shape!


If you decide to give any of these a go, remember to tag us or send us your picture!

We love to see what you create 🍰🧁🎉


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