A Piece of Cake – Thame, Oxon

Since Cake Décor launched our first branded products in May this year we have been working closely with local sugarcraft businesses and retailers to get them ready to supply Cake Décor goodies!!

Your local sugarcraft stores and specialist websites can be one of the best places to find top quality cake decorating products and inspiration and therefore you should expect to be able to find Cake Décor there too!

We are very proud to be associated with sugarcrafters, and want to shout it from the rooftops! So we have decided to write some posts dedicated to our new sugarcraft suppliers.

A Piece of Cake!


One of the first sugarcraft shops to supply our Cake Décor products is A Piece of Cake. A Piece of Cake is one of the most comprehensive online stores supplying cake decorating equipment and supplies. Have a look at their website www.sugaricing.com for a huge selection of products, or even visit their store in Thame, Oxon!

A Piece of Cake was started in 1985 by two lovely ladies, Jenny and Norma. Norma was the author of ‘The Art of Sugarcraft – Piping’, both ladies have won awards for their work and have more than 35 years’ experience in cake decorating between them. Pretty impressive!

Jenny & Norma

Jenny & Norma

As a result of all this, Jenny and Norma are very discerning in the goods that they stock and will only supply items that they consider to be of the best of quality. This is one of the reasons why we are very pleased and excited that A Piece of Cake has decided to stock Cake Décor. If you visit their website you will be able to purchase the following Cake Décor products:

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Keep an eye out for our next Sugarcraft stockist post. It might be a shop near you!


Happy Decorating!!