Valentine’s Day Biscuits

Bake to impress with these fun Valentine’s Day biscuits! These biscuits couldn’t be easier to decorate with our Cake Artist Paints, and the possibilities really are endless when it comes to decorating ideas!

You will need:

• Cake Décor Cake Artist Paints in Rose Red, Gold and Silver

• Ready to Roll Icing in white, pink and red

• A batch of round, freshly baked biscuits

• Buttercream frosting


• Roll out the white, pink and red icing and cut into circles with the same cutter used for the biscuits

• Secure the icing to the biscuits with a little buttercream frosting

• Use the Cake Artist Paints to add messages and paint pictures on your iced biscuits. We went for a selection of Valentines messages and heart designs for ours!


Cake Artist Paints are now available from Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons.

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