Valentines Biscuits with Glitter


Love is certainly in the air when it comes to these heart shaped Valentines biscuits! Show someone how much you care with a batch of freshly baked biscuits personalised with your own special messages, and make sure to finish them off with our dazzling Silver Glitter Spray!


You will need:

Ready To Roll Icing (pink or red would be perfect for Valentine’s Day)

Writing Icing Tube (we chose red, but you can use any colour you want!)

Cake Décor Silver Glitter Spray

A batch of freshly baked heart shaped biscuits



Roll out your sugarpaste icing and, using the same heart shaped cutter as previously used to create your heart biscuit shapes, cut the icing into heart shapes

Place the icing shapes on top of your biscuits and secure with a dash of water if required

Use the writing icing tube to add personalised messages to your biscuits

Finish the Valentines biscuits off with as much silver glitter as you want!


Glitter Sprays are available in Sainsbury’s.


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