Treat your Valentine to Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Choc Strawberries

Treat your loved one this Valentines with some delicious chocolate covered strawberries!

Choco Writers are the perfect product to add designs and details to your decorated fruit. You can also dip your coated strawberries into some sprinkles for a striking effect!

To create these yummy treats simply prepare your Choco Writer in the usual way by heating in a jug of boiling water (follow the instructions on the back of the tube for the best results). Then snip off the end of the nozzle with some scissors (to make it easier, snip off a little extra than you normally would) and squeeze into a small bowl

Then take some fresh, washed strawberries and dip into the melted chocolate. Hold the dipped strawberry over the bowl for a few seconds to allow the excess chocolate to drip off and place onto a sheet of greaseproof paper to set.

If you want to dip your covered strawberries into sprinkles it is best to do this straight away before the chocolate sets so that the sprinkles stick better.

Pour some of your chosen sprinkles into a small dish and dip you chocolate coated strawberry into the sprinkles, turning to coat evenly. Once evenly coated, place onto the greaseproof paper to set.

You can also decorate your chocolate covered strawberries by drizzling a contrasting colour of Choco Writer over, it is best to wait until your coated strawberry has set. Then prepare your chosen flavour of Choco writer, snip off the end of the nozzle and drizzle the chocolate over your strawberry by quickly moving your hand from side to side. Wait until this second coat is set and serve.

And why stop with strawberries? You could cover almost any fruit from bananas, apples, cherries or even raspberries!

Choco Writers are available from Lakeland  and from a number of our sugarcraft stockist. Have a look on our Stockist page for your nearest supplier!

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