Spooky Apples


Turn your apples into iconic Halloween creatures like Frankenstein’s monster or even a mummy with our easy peasy decoreasy idea! Frighteningly sweet and scarily easy to make, these bold characters are sure to make an impact!

No need for your own laboratory here, simply stomp into the supermarket to pick up:

  • Cake Décor Choco Writers
  • Cake Décor Edible Eyes
  • Apples (we used green ones for Frankenstein’s monster!).


  1. Take your Choco Writer and warm it up in a jug of warm water until soft.
  2. (Try to) relax while the kids get creative!
  3. Squeeze, squidge and spread your Choco Writer on top of your apple to make your monster’s mop! For added creepiness use our Milk Chocolate Flavour Choco Writer to swipe on a scary smile.
  4. Stick on your Edible Eyes with a little bit of our Choco Writers.
  5. Serve up your Spooky Apples!

These terrifying treats are a great way to make use of the apples collected from trick or treating and count towards one of your five a day… right?

If you make your own Spooky Apples share them with us using the hashtag #Decoreasy!

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