Spider Biscuits


Whether you’re hosting your own Halloween party or just want to make a scary snack for the kids’ lunchboxes we have the perfect easy peasy decoreasy idea. Everything you need is available at your local supermarket, it’s so easy to turn your favourite chocolate treats into creepy crawly Spider Biscuits.

To make these frighteningly delicious creatures all you will need is:

  • Cake Décor Choco Writers.
  • Cake Décor Edible Eyes.
  • A batch of your favourite biscuits.
  • Your favourite chocolate treats (we’ve chosen chocolate buttons).


  1. Buy (or bake) a batch of your favourite biscuits.
  2. Grab your Choco Writer and warm it up in a jug of warm water until soft.
  3. (Try to) relax while your kids get decorating!
  4. Squeeze our Choco Writers onto your biscuits to make your spider legs.
  5. Using the Choco Writer, stick your chocolate treat in the middle of your biscuit to secure it.
  6. Pop some of the Choco Writer onto the back of some Edible Eyes and stick on top of your chocolate treats.
  7. Serve your spiders (watch that they don’t crawl away!).

These Pinterest-perfect bakes are the perfect balance of easiness and craftiness, you’ll have lots of fun creating these spooky spiders! If you try making your own Spider Biscuits take some pictures and share your creations with us using the hashtag #Decoreasy!

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