Reindeer Cupcakes




Create your own Reindeer Cupcakes this Christmas by following our easy steps below! These are perfect for baking with the kids. Maybe even leave one out for Santa? We’re sure he would love one!


You Will Need:

A batch of 12 frosted Cupcakes

1 x of each Choco Writer in White, Milk and Dark

Red Sugarpaste

Some greaseproof paper or acetate


Make a batch of your favourite chocolate cupcakes and frost with your favourite frosting

Prepare your three flavours of Choco Writer by following the instructions on the back of the tube (pop into boiling water and snip off the end of the nozzle)

Take a sheet of acetate or greaseproof paper and use the Milk Choco Writer to create 24 reindeer antlers

Top Tip! You might want to draw some antler shapes on a piece of paper and cover with greaseproof or acetate, this will make it really easy to trace and you will make less mistakes!

Take the White Choco Writer and pipe out 24 large circles approx. 1.5-2cm wide. Wait a few minutes until they have set a little and then pipe a small circle of Dark Choco Writer in the centre to complete the eyes

•  Wait until all the shapes are completely set and carefully peel off and place onto your cupcakes

 • Take the red sugar paste and break off 12 small pieces. Roll each piece into a ball for Rudolph’s nose!




Choco Writers are available in Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Wilko and The Range.


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