Mirror Glaze Macaron Cake

We’re at it again.. decorating delicious cakes with our brand new Mirror Glaze! We can’t get enough of covering frosted chocolate cakes with Mirror Glaze as they taste so good together, and what better way to add more delicious flavour than with a selection of flavoured macarons! Make sure to finish your macaron cake with a white chocolate drizzle and gold sprinkles!

You will need:

Chocolate sponge cake (covered with chocolate buttercream frosting)

Cake Décor Mirror Glaze

Cake Décor White Choco Writer


Gold sprinkles

Wire cooling rack

Baking paper


Remove the lid from your pot of Mirror Glaze and pop it in an 800W microwave on a medium heat for 30 seconds

Give the chocolate glaze a slow stir and place back in the microwave for another 30 seconds

Repeat as necessary until the chocolate is smooth and runny

Place the wire cooling rack over some baking paper and place your chocolate cake on top

Slowly pour the Mirror Glaze over your cake, making sure to completely cover the top and sides

Use the White Choco Writer to drizzle over the Mirror Glaze

Carefully arrange the macarons on top of your cake and then add gold sprinkles before the Mirror Glaze sets

Mirror Glaze is now available in Morrisons and online at Sprinkles & Co. Choco Writers can be found in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Wilko and The Range.

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