How to Make: Easter Egg Cake Toppers

Easter Egg Cake Topper

It wouldn’t be Easter without a chocolate egg, therefore Easter egg cake toppers are the ideal decoration for your Easter cakes! Use Choco Writers to make the basic shape and decorate with sprinkles, sweets and chocolate details.

We have made it really easy with this Easter Egg Stencil and our amazing Choco Writers. Just follow these 5 easy steps:

Download and print our Easter Egg Stencil and cover with some acetate sheets or a piece of greaseproof paper

2. Prepare a Choco Writer in your favourite flavour by melting in hot water

3. Trace the egg shapes with the Choco Writer and fill in

4. Before the chocolate completely sets, add some finishing touches such as Cake Décor Glimmer Sugar, 4 Coloured Candied Nibs or use a Choco Writer in a contrasting colour to add some zigzag patterns

5. Once completely set, carefully peel from the greaseproof or acetate and place onto your cupcakes!

If you want some delicious frosting to top your cakes, why not use our Two Colour Stripes frostings or Perfect Swirl frostings. With a wide star nozzle attached to the tube you can achieve perfect swirls every time!

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