How to Make: Easter Chick Cake Toppers

Easter Chick

Little chicks are incredibly cute and fluffy and one of the best things about spring time! With these simple steps you can create your own adorable little Easter chick cake toppers.


1. Prepare a Choco Writer in White by melting in hot water

2. Draw out 2 circles one above the other – one large for the body and one small for the head

3. Before the chocolate completely sets, sprinkle the full shape with yellow glimmer sugar

4. Use a Dark or Milk Choco Writer to add eyes, and a small piece of orange sugarpaste for the beak

5. Once completely set, carefully peel from the greaseproof or acetate and place onto your cupcakes or cake!

If you want some delicious frosting to top your cakes, why not use our Two Colour Stripes frostings or Perfect Swirl frostings. With a wide star nozzle attached to the tube you can achieve perfect swirls every time!