How to make: Easter Bunny Cake Toppers!

Easter Bunny


Its official, spring is here! And that means Easter is just around the corner. It’s time to get thinking about what you are going to bake! These chocolate Easter bunny cupcake toppers are a really fun way to decorate your Easter bakes.


We have made it really easy with this Easter Bunnies Stencil and our amazing Choco Writers. Just follow these 5 easy steps:


1. Download and print our Easter Bunnies Stencil and cover with some acetate sheets or a piece of greaseproof paper

2. Prepare a Choco Writer in White by melting in hot water (you can use the Milk or Dark flavours if you prefer

3. Trace the Easter Bunny shapes with the Choco Writer and fill in

4. Before the chocolate completely sets, add some finishing touches such as Cake Décor Pink Glimmer Sugar for the ears, our 4 Coloured Candied Nibs for eyes and nose and use a Milk or Dark Choco Writer to add whiskers and a mouth

5. Once completely set, carefully peel from the greaseproof or acetate and place onto your cupcakes!

If you want some delicious frosting to top your cakes, why not use our Two Colour Stripes frosting in Strawberry & Vanilla. With a wide star nozzle attached to the tube you can achieve perfect swirls of two tone frosting!

Top Tip: sometimes White Choco Writers can melt a lot quicker than the Milk or Dark. If you think it is too runny, wait a few minutes after taking your Choco Writer from the hot water before using.

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