How to Make: Chocolate Flowers


These chocolate flowers are incredibly pretty and perfect for your summer bakes. And as always, we have made it as easy as possible for you to make yourself! You don’t have to be a decorating expert! If you use our Choco Writers then you will have minimal mess and minimal fuss.

You can add these pretty flowers to the top of cupcakes, to decorate large cakes and almost anything you like. First of all, download our Flower Stencil and print. You can cover this with greaseproof paper or acetate to help you trace the shapes with chocolate.

All you need to do is bake a delicious cake or some cupcakes and frost, take two Choco Writers, one Milk and one White and pop them in some hot water until they have melted.

Once your Choco Writers are ready, use the Milk one to outline the flowers on your stencil. Wait until the outline has almost set and use the White Choco Writer to flood the inside of the petals and add a dot to the centre.

Leave to cool completely. This can take a while as there is a lot of chocolate to set, but patience is a virtue!

Once completely set carefully peel from the paper and place on your cake.

Top Tip! If you are struggling to get your shape to stay in place, use a Choco Writer to add a spot of chocolate to the back of your flower and place on the cake, hold gently for a few seconds to help it set in place.

These sweet flowers will make the perfect decoration for a summer party or special occasion!

Have a look at our Stockist page to find out where to get Choco Writers, or pop to your nearest Lakeland.