Glitter Spray Alice in Wonderland inspired biscuits


Don’t be late for a very important date with these super simple Alice in Wonderland inspired biscuits! These biscuits would be perfect for serving at afternoon tea or an Alice in Wonderland themed party, and look stunning finished with our Glitter Spray!


You will need:

A selection of cookie cutters (we picked hearts, squares and flowers for ours!)

Ready to roll icing in an assortment of colours

Writing icing tubes in an assortment of colours

Cake Décor Glitter Spray in Silver

A batch of freshly baked biscuits, cut into an assortment of shapes





Roll out the icing with a rolling pin and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes to fit your biscuits

Fix the fondant shapes to your biscuits using a little bit of icing from the writing icing tube

Take your writing icing tube and decorate the biscuits with simple messages and patterns. We decided to go for phrases such as ‘Eat Me’, ‘Take One’ and ‘Try One’ as we love the Alice in Wonderland theme!

To make your biscuits extra special, finish them off with lots of glitter using the Cake Décor Glitter Spray in Silver!


Glitter Spray is available exclusively at Sainsbury’s!

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