Festive Showstopper

Creating your own Festive Showstopper couldn’t be easier with the Cake Decor Craft Range! Use our White Cake Lace Kit, Cake Artist Paints and Glitter Sprays to decorate this fabulous Christmas cake!

You will need:

 8” round cake

 10” round cake

Cake Décor White Ready to Roll Icing

Cake Décor White Cake Lace Kit

Cake Décor Gold Glitter Spray

Cake Décor Silver Glitter Spray

Cake Décor Gold Cake Artist Paint

Cake Décor Silver Cake Artist Paint

Cake Décor Green Cake Artist Paint

White writing icing tube

Snowflake cookie cutter

Reindeer cookie cutter


Thinly roll out the White Ready to Roll Icing and cover both cakes. Place the 8″ cake on top of the 10″ and move to the side for now

Spread the White Cake Lace mix on the mat with a palette knife. Scrape off any excess and return to the pot for future use

Pop the mat in the oven for 20-22 minutes

Roll out some more White Ready to Roll Icing and cut out snowflake and reindeer shapes

Use the remaining icing to create two cone shapes, and carefully cut into these to create a branch effect

Paint the snowflakes and reindeer shapes with the Silver and Gold Cake Artist Paints, and then finish these with Silver and Gold Glitter Spray to give a truly dazzling effect

Use the Green Artist Paint to paint the edges of your tree toppers

Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes

Once cool, peel the lace shapes from the mat

Use water to fix the lace to your iced cakes, and try to make the joins of each lace collar as smooth as possible

Fix your iced shapes to your cake with some writing icing

Use the writing icing tube to add snow to the top tier of your cake

Place the sugarpaste trees on top of your cake and stand the larger reindeer shapes against these


The White Cake Lace Kit is now available from Morrisons.

Cake Artist Paints are available from Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

Glitter Spray is available from Sainsbury’s, Asda, Wilko and The Range.

Ready to Roll Icing is available from Wilko.

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