Easter Egg Cupcakes

Still looking for some Easter baking inspiration? Why not finish your chocolate cupcakes with Easter egg toppers, decorated using our Bright Writing Icings and a selection of fun sprinkles!

You will need:

Cake Décor Bright Writing Icings

Cake Décor White Ready to Roll Icing, and a selection of your favourite colours

A selection of bright and colourful sprinkles

Green buttercream frosting

Freshly baked chocolate cupcakes

Egg cookie cutter


Thinly roll out the icing and use the egg cookie cutter to cut out your cupcake toppers

Now it’s time to decorate your Easter egg toppers! Use the Bright Writing Icings and a selection of your favourite bright and colourful sprinkles to decorate.. and you can either follow the designs we’ve created or come up with new and exciting ones

Use a small nozzle to pipe grass on top of your chocolate cupcakes

Carefully place the Easter eggs on top and enjoy!


Bright Writing Icing is now available at Wilko and The Range.

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