Doodle Cake

Turn your cake into a canvas with our Cake Pens! We’ve got an easy peasy decoreasy idea that’s perfect for any budding artist. Sit back and watch them use their imagination to sketch, scribble, and scrawl their ideas. It’s so easy to decorate a cake as unique as them!

Cake decorating is the perfect at-home activity for all ages to banish the boredom and get their creativity going. Involving them in the kitchen at a young age can help develop their skills, build confidence and independence and, most importantly, it encourages them to have fun with food. Our Cake Pens make it so easy for them to create unique and bold patterns, drawings and shapes.

Why not get the kids to decorate a cake for the next family birthday? Whether it’s for a grandparent, auntie or cousin they will love the personalised element and the kids will be so proud of their creation!

All you need to make your very own Doodle Cake is:

-Cake Décor Cake Pens

-A fondant-iced celebration cake


-Buy a plain iced celebration cake from your supermarket.

-Unbox it, and leave in a cool room for 3-4 hours, so that the icing has hardened slightly (makes for a better drawing surface!).

-Grab your Cake Décor Cake Pens and (try to) relax whilst the kids get creative!

This #decoreasy idea is also great for parties. Get your kids and their friends to take a turn at decorating their own cakes!

Cake Pens are available at your local supermarket, so pop down and get creative!

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