Customised Cupcakes

The beauty of Cake Decor’s brand new Cake Pens is that they can truly create whatever you want them to. Spell out messages, play cake pictionary, make patterns and just let your imagination run wild. Your only limit if yourself – that, and the size of your cupcake toppers!

You Will Need

• Cake Decor Edible Pens

• Cake Decor White Ready To Roll Icing

• Round Cookie Cutter

Frosted Cupcakes



Take your Cake Decor White Ready To Roll Icing and roll it out, then use your round cookie cutter to cut out your cupcake topper, one for each of your frosted cupcakes.

Use your Cake Decor Edible Pens to decorate your cup cake toppers in whatever way you fancy!

Use water to adhere the cupcake topper to your frosted cupcakes – and enjoy!


Cake Pens are now available in Sainsbury’s and online at Sprinkles & Co!

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