Coconut Iced Cupcakes!

For a light, refreshing flavour try making buttercream frosting with our Coconut Flavour-ice!

You Will Need;

250g of Cake Décor Ccoconut Flavour-ice

125g of softened butter

• A batch of 12 cupcakes (you could even bake your cakes with some Cake Decor Coconut Flavour-ice for some extra coconut-y cupcakes!



Step 1: Place 125g of softened butter into a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Add 250g of Coconut Flavour-ice and beat until smooth.

Step 3: If you would like a smoother consistency add a tablespoon of milk and mix.

Step 4: Transfer the mixture to a piping bag and use your nozzle of choice to top your cupcakes.


Sit back with and pretend you’re on an island paradise with your coconut cupcakes! The best thing about island paradises? There’s not that many people there to make you share your cakes… 😉