Christmas Tree Cupcakes


Christmas Tree Cupcakes 2

Christmas time is one of the most fun times to bake and these Christmas tree cupcakes are fantastically festive!

The Christmas tree toppers are super easy to make with Cake Décor Choco Writers and the kids will love to help. We have even made a super easy Christmas Tree Stencil you can print off and trace from under some baking paper.
Just follow our simple instructions below:

Print off our free downloadable stencil: Christmas Tree Stencil

Cover with some greaseproof or baking paper

Prepare your chosen flavours of Choco Writers (available in Milk, White or Dark) by melting in boiling water

Snip off the end of the nozzle and trace the Christmas tree shapes.

Use different colours of Choco Writer to add dots for baubles

Leave to set completely then carefully peel from the paper and place on top of your freshly frosted cupcakes!

Top Tip: Our stencil makes it really easy, but you can be creative as you like with your Christmas tree designs!


Choco Writers are available in Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Wilko and The Range.


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