Baby Shower Cupcakes

These beautiful cupcakes will delight all your guests at any baby showers or christenings you may have on the horizon using Cake Decor’s newly Pink and Blue Glitter Sprays! These exciting new colours are available in Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s!

You Will Need:

 Cake Decor Blue or Pink Glitter Sprays

Cake Decor White Ready To Roll Icing

Vanilla Frosted Cupcakes

Baby Feet Cutter

Round Cookie Cutter


  1. Start by rolling out your Cake Decor white Ready to Roll icing and use your round cookie cutter to cut out circles for the top of your cup cakes.
  2. Use the baby feet cutter to cut out the baby feet toppers.
  3. Spray the baby feet toppers with Cake Decor glitter spray in your chosen colour(s).
  4. Use water to stick the baby feet toppers to the round cup cake toppers.
  5. Place your toppers gently on to your frosted cupcake & present to delight your guests!


Cake Decor Pink and Blue Glitter Sprays are now available exclusively in Sainsbury’s and online at Sprinkles & Co.


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