D-I-Y (Draw-It-Yourself!) Masterpiece

Cake Decor Cake Pens are the easiest way ever to decorate a cake – simply let your imagination run wild!


You Will Need:

Cake Decor Cake Pens

Cake Decor Ready-to-Roll White Icing

One vanilla sponge cake, covered with buttercream



Step 1: Roll out your white ready to roll icing.

Step 2: Place the rolled out icing on your cake and smooth down the sides, the cut off the excess at the bottom.

Step 3: Allow to set for 20 minutes until the ready-to-roll icing has hardened.

Step 4: Take your pens and go crazy on your cake – draw or write whatever takes your fancy!

All that’s left to do is eat and enjoy your masterpiece! Make sure if you do recreate this at home that you take a picture and share it with us on our Facebook page or tag us ‘@MyCakeDecor’ on Twitter and Instagram!


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