Great British Baking

Today marks Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday and to celebrate we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite examples of Great British baking and cake decorating!


London Cake

We think this London inspired cake looks fabulous and would love to try a slice of it right now! So much time and effort must have gone into creating these fondant decorations and we love the overall effect of the British celebration cake. We think the Queen would be proud to have a birthday cake like this!


Summer Berry Pavlova

This pavlova may not look like the obvious choice for Great British Baking but we love that it’s a subtle nod to the red, white and blue colours of the British flag! Either make up your own pavlova base or make things easy by buying some from the supermarket, and make sure to decorate with plenty of fresh fruit, cream and sauce!


Great British Biscuits

We just can’t get enough of these London themed biscuits and think that they would be perfect for birthday parties! Get creative with sugarpaste icing and writing icing tubes, and create something spectacular!


A Very British Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts in Britain and we can certainly see why when it comes to this mouthwatering British inspired cheesecake! Create the Union Jack pattern using raspberries and blueberries, and make sure to use a ruler for the perfect finish!

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