Football Cakes for Euro 2016

To celebrate the start of the Euro 2016 Championship on Friday, we wanted to share a few of our favourite football cakes with you! Combine tasty layers, amazing iced decorations and plenty of frosting for these amazing football cake creations!


Surprise Piñata Football Cake

This Surprise Inside Piñata Football Cake from BBC Good Food would be the perfect cake to serve during Euro 2016! Not only are there layers of delicious mint chocolate sponge and fondant icing, but the cake can also be filled with your favourite sweets. We think the chocolate footballs are a great finishing touch for this piñata cake!


Soccer Ball Cupcake

Want to try something different? Ditch the ready to roll icing and opt for frosting instead! Thinly pipe white and black buttercream frosting to create this football pattern, and finish with some green frosting around the edges to create that grassy effect.


Football Hemisphere Cake

How amazing does this football cake look?! The hexagonal fondant shapes are the perfect finishing touch for this cake as it could be mistaken for a real football, and we love the grassy texture of the green frosting on the base. Lakeland have done a fabulous job of creating a cake perfect for all the football lovers out there!