Introducing Cake Décor’s Choco Writers


Choco Writers Tubes



Here at Cake Décor, we are excited to introduce our new premium Choco Writers!

These products offer something new and unique to the UK Cake Decorating market. Their easy to handle, squeezable tubes allow even beginners to achieve patisserie-style cake decorating. This page is dedicated to showing you how great Choco Writers are and the many ways you can use them!

Choco Writers are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Wilko, The Range and online at Sprinkles & Co!

Got a burning question about Choco Writers? Make sure to check out our FAQs page for more info!

Downloadable Stencils

To make using your Choco Writers even easier, we’ve created some printable stencils to help you decorate amazing cakes! Simply print off the stencils and place an acetate sheet or some grease proof paper over the top and trace the stencils with your prepared Choco Writers.


This snowflake template gives you 12 snowflake shapes on an A4 sheet. They are the perfect size to top a cupcake.

Top Tip: Why not add some of our White Pearl sprinkles to the centre to finish the look

Love Hearts

12 love heart shapes to make lovely cake toppers. Why not create your own design inside?

Top Tip: Use Milk or Dark Choco Writer to draw the heart outline, wait till almost set and fill in the centre with White Choco Writer!


12 star shapes on one easy printable sheet.

Top Tip: Sprinkle with edible glitter when the chocolate is still wet to make your stars really shine!

Heart Design

12 heart shapes with a pretty design to make your decoration extra special!

Basic Flower Design

12 basic flower shapes make really pretty cake decorations.

Flower Design

12 lovely flower designs perfect for the top of any bake

GBBO Inspired flower

Inspired by Chetna's Swiss Roll decorations in 2014 GBBO, this flower makes a dramatic statement

Halloween - Spiderwebs

Spooky spider webs to make your cakes ghoulish! Perfect design for Halloween baking!

Halloween - Hats & Bats

Witches hats and spooky bats - Perfect for Halloween!

Halloween - Ghosts

12 ghoulish ghost shapes - perfect for decorating Halloween cakes and cupcakes!

Halloween - Spider Legs

Spooky spider legs give Halloween cupcakes the perfect finishing touch!

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees perfect for finishing any festive bake!

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How to Use Choco Writers

Choco Writers are so easy to use by following these simple instructions. No more tempering, no more bain-maries, no more microwaved chocolate, and best of all.. No more messy piping bags!

CW hot water2

Place the Choco Writer tube into a measuring jug of boiling water. Allow 2 to 3 minutes to activate the Choco Writer

CW dry2

Carefully lift out of the hot water and dry

CW massage2

Ensure the product is soft to touch, and massage the tube to ensure all contents are liquid

CW Snip Nozzle2

Unscrew cap and snip the tip off the nozzle

CW ready2

Your Choco Writer is ready to go! Create, write, swirl and decorate!

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Decorating Ideas for Choco Writers


Use straight from the tube to write messages and pipe directly onto cakes or onto paper.

Top Tip!!
When piping directly onto your cakes, try using a toothpick to mark out your text or design into the icing to use as a guide!

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Cake Toppers

Use straight from the tube to create shapes, lattices, words, numbers, intricate designs

Top Tip!!
Use our downloadable stencils to create perfect cake toppers every time!

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Decorating Desserts

Use straight from the tube to create designs straight onto desserts and use to decorate your dessert plates. Also use your Choco Writers to create pretty lattices to make your desserts extra special

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Dipped Fruit

Squeeze chocolate out of tube into a bowl and use to dip different fruits from strawberries to bananas.

Use a contrasting colour of chocolate and drizzle over your dipped fruit straight from the Choco Writer tube to create fantastic looking dipped fruit

Top Tip!!
Why not cover your dipped fruit in some Cake Decor Bling sprinkles for an added bit of glam!

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Chocolates & Truffles

Squeeze chocolate into moulds to create delicious chocolates in any shape. Alternatively, squeeze contents from the tube into a bowl and use to coat truffles. Use contrasting colours straight from tube to decorate your truffles and chocolates

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Cookies & Biscuits

Squeeze chocolate from the tube into a bowl to dip cookies and biscuits. Use from tube to create fun designs directly onto your biscuits and cookies.

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Cake Pops

Squeeze the chocolate from the tube into a bowl and use to dip and coat cake pops. You can also use straight from tube to add detail and decorate your cake pops!

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Choco Writers are perfect for decorating your Valentines themed cakes. From love hearts to writing directly on cakes to chocolate covered strawberries, there are loads of great ideas you can try to impress the one you love

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From spooky spider web cupcakes to ghostly chocolate covered strawberries, Choco Writers are perfect for decorating your Halloween treats! You can use to decorate cakes, cheesecakes, cake pops and more. See our spider web stencils below to make your decorating even easier!

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Use your Choco Writers  to decorate all your festive goodies. Our White Choco Writer is perfect for snowflakes. Create Christmas trees, snowflakes and even Christmas puds!

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